Binh Duong Resistance Women’s Club visits the War Remnants Museum


Celebrating the 74th anniversary of the establishment of Vietnam People`s Army (December 22, 1944 - December 22, 2018), the Binh Duong Resistance Women’s Club had a visit to the War Remnants Museum so as to have a look back at the activities during the resistance war, thereby tightening their connections in the peaceful time.

Through the photos displayed at the Museum, the women reviewed memories of their youth love, comradeship, and homeland love during the wartime. By that, they reminded younger generations to continue the patriotic traditions, and join their hands to build up the country.



As the guide of the women’s delegation during their visit at the Museum, I learnt more information about their activities in the resistance war thanks to their friendly conversations. Although the war ended, the memories about it have remained in their mind. One of them stated: “The later generations have now learnt about the war through books or stories. Today, I am right in the Museum, observe younger people visiting the Museum, I really believe that the objects and photos on display here will help them somehow understand losses and pains from the war.”



Through their words, I deeply felt their sad and proud feelings. They pointed at the photos and said: “Right in this place, the enemy’s aircrafts bombed our resistance base, many of our soldiers then lost their life...; and over there, the agent orange was sprayed, causing trees to die in mass. Everything was destroyed by a 7-ton bomb.” and “Our soldiers were very creative and resilient. Having no guns, we made punji sticks to trap the enemy. In spite of the arduous and fierce war, we all were very confident.”

Their visit ended but their wartime stories still lingered on me. The exchange with them during the visit helped me better understand the war consequences and the heroic struggle spirit of Vietnam’s revolutionary soldiers. After saying goodbye to the women’s delegation, I loved my job more. I will try to accumulate more knowledge to improve my job, and contribute to building a better museum so that it deserves to be a place to preserve war memories and convey peace messages to people of all classes.

  Date 10/01/2019  


  Notice (06/07/2020)

  Notice : The War Remnants Museum temporarily adjusts the daily opening hours (26/04/2020)

  Early closing notice (19/03/2020)

  Message from the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee to tourists (18/03/2020)


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