The War Remnants Museum - A place which safeguards the documentary heritage known as " The Value Of Place "


   According to Dr. Lê Thị Minh Lý, deputy chairperson of the Viet Nam Cultural Heritage Association and member of the National Cultural Heritage Council, human memory is a special form of heritage, which is apparently impossible to quantify. Viet Nam has been required to more clearly identify the value of this heritage in order to find a solution for collecting, storing, safeguarding it as well as promoting its value since memory plays an important role in the formation of every human being. The memory of each person is combined together with the memories of others, creating a common memory of the whole family, lineage, nation, state and humanity.


   The War Remnants Museum is one of the places which preserve the memories of the pain and losses inflicted on the Vietnamese people so that peace can prevail in our country. This requires the museum to carry out further renovations to their work of collection and display in order to recount stories of the past more vividly, create a space full of memories and offer opportunities to learn and experience, thereby winning visitors' hearts.


   In its 45 years of development, the War Remnants Museum has been making every effort to educate the public, especially the younger generations about patriotism and the spirit of fighting for and protecting independence and freedom of their nation, and assert the love for peace and solidarity of Vietnamese people with the other nations in the world in the struggle against meaningless wars and the protection of peace.


   To mark the Viet Nam Cultural Heritage Day (November 23), we would like to present a short film entitled “The War Remnants Museum – A Museum for Peace” in the hope of showing our gratitude towards all experts, colleagues, partners and visitors and of receiving more support from you so that we can together help confirm the aspiration to peace of Vietnamese people.


  Date 11/11/2020  







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