Peace education for children in the " White Doves " chamber

Since 2006, the Museum has experimented a seminar on “Peace for children” with an ambition to educate children about the nation’s struggle traditions to protect the country and help them be aware of the consequences of aggressive wars. As a result, children appreciate values of peace, freedom, happiness, and friendship with other countries in the world. On the other hand, the seminar aims at educating children about aesthetics, creating a healthy playground for domestic and international children to learn and play, and making their parents feel secure on their visits to the Museum.


Since 2010, the Chamber of Peace Education for Children has had the theme “White Doves” with a desire that the image of doves would help children feel friendliness, closeness, and peace.



1. For children with group pre-registration

- Visiting the Museum for 45 minutes under the guidance of a Museum tour guide;

- Participating in an exchange program with games about overcoming war consequences, and peace education such as: drawing competitions; modelling statues; colouring in groups on the theme of the country, the love of peace, friendship, and environmental protection; leaf stamp competition to restore trees damaged by Agent Orange; dove clay modelling competitions; and quizzes about historical figures, etc.

- Schools may book directly at the Museum; or the Museum sends tour guides to schools to introduce and invite children for participation.

2. For children accompanied by their families

The White Doves” Chamber always provides them with children’s books, stories, and toys on history topics, country praise, peace and friendship praise, and environmental protection. The Museum tour guides instruct and play with them.
  Date 25/05/2018  


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